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Ashava Valley Cheese


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Ashava Valley Cheese is a very resinous and monster yielding Indica dominant variety.

This Polyhybrid variety is a cross of our Aztech Genetics Cheese with a very carefully selected Afghani parent line ( Black Domina x Pure Afghani ).

Large yields as well as a strong heavy hitting indica high make this a popular choice for commercial growers. Her heavy resin production makes Ashava Valley Cheese a good choice for hash making and concentrates. Her stems rapidly fill out during flowering giving some strong, sweet and spicy smells. Good filtration is advised late in flower if smell is likely to cause issues.

Ashava Valley is an area of Afghanistan famous for it’s Cheese.

This strain typically has a THC content of 23% and higher.

At Aztech Smoke shop all orders come with free seeds included. All orders will receive 2 regular seeds and orders over £10.00 will also include one free feminised seed too. For details of our current free strains please check here. You can also sign up to our monthly email too to keep up to date with new product and strain information.


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1 review for Ashava Valley Cheese

  1. Martin Peters

    Thank you so much for the free ashava valley cheese fem seeds ?? I love it!!

    The strain was very easy to grow and produced a nice harvest at the end of the flower period of 9 weeks.

    The seeds ‘popped’ within days and just kept going from strength to strength.

    4 pot Wilma, coco pebbles, 600W, 1.2×1.2×2.1m tent, canna aqua

    Netted around 300g from 1 plant (at 58% humidity) without trimming, LST, Scrog etc I just let her grow as she wanted so I could get to know the strain. Harvests could almost be doubled with a little screen work ?

    Clones rooted up really quickly and have taken off with ease.

    The smoke is very smooth and taste is really nice, it takes a few minutes for the hit to arrive but it is very enjoyable and relaxing. Appetite has improved significantly for me with this strain, not sure if that’s good or bad ? it also helps with my back and hip pains which means I can get a half decent sleep without pain killers.

    Would totally recommend aztech seeds to anyone, was really impressed with the quick delivery time as well.

    Top works guys!

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