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Pacific Surfliner OG Auto


Pacific Surfliner OG Auto

  • Indica Dominant
  • Pacific Surfliner OG x Ruderalis
  • 8 weeks flower time
  • Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
  • THC 22% +


Our Pacific Surfliner OG Auto is our autoflowering version of our Pacific Surfliner OG strain.

Our Pacific Surfliner OG Auto is produced from the finest of  selections of the well known US OG kush parentage, She  believed  to originally come from Chemdawg and Kush genetics.

Pacific Surfliner OG Auto is an average yielding automatic and is suitable for both outdoor and indoor set ups. Indoors a light cycle of 20 hours plus in a 24 hour period will give the best results. She usually takes around 12 weeks although with a generous amount of root space and ample light she can go longer. Not our biggest yielding automatic strain but she makes up for her yield with her potent high when smoked.

A nice relaxing high that’s good for social occasions and to share among friends. She has a woody, almost piney smell and will be a strain you’ll reach for consistently. Often used medically  to relieve pain  you’ll find she has a high THC content 0f 23% plus

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