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Sanatio CBD Haze 1:1


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Sanatio CBD Haze 1:1 is a quick flowering sativa dominant variety  with a balanced ratio of thc to cbd. This strain has been developed with a medical consumer in mind with balanced 1:1 thc to cbd ratio.

Plants typically finish in 8-9 weeks flower on a 12/12 cycle. Outdoors  her finishing time should see her ready by mid October in most parts of Europe.

This strain has a much lower thc content then the rest of our selection at around 10% but has the same amount of cbd present too.  This is a much sought after ratio of thc to cbd for medical use and this variety has been produced with those needs in mind.

Recreational users looking for a weaker strength thc variety more suited to daytime use will find benefit from this variety,

Well suited to low stress techniques this variety also does well in Scrog set ups .

All profits to Good Causes

Due to this strain being more suited to medical use Aztech Genetics are donating 100% of the profits from the sales of Sanatio CBD Haze 1:1  to help UK medical cannabis causes.

At the end of each year we will select our chosen UK medical cannabis cause and will be passing on all the profits from both the auto and non auto variety of this strain.

All our seed packs contain premium quality feminised seeds.


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