Deluxe Dabbing Kit


One 28cm x 38cm silicone mat, ten silicone oil jars and two dab tools.



Deluxe Dabbing Kit by Aztech Smoke Shop consists of 1 (28cm x 38cm) food grade quality silicone bho mat. Additionally come 10 assorted coloured food grade 5ml silicone oil jars with lids and  furthermore 2  metal dabbing tools.

Oils and concentrates are  increasing in popularity and this Deluxe  Kit  is one of our best sellers  at AZtech Smoke Shop

Designed to make the job of handling and moving extra sticky concentrates around with ease.

Silicone is non stick so this makes it  very easy to retrieve your concentrate from these products when required.  Together with silicones flexible ability and not to mention it’s durability too.

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