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Herb Grinder Silver 50mm x4 Part


Silver 50mm aluminium  4 part grinder



Herb grinder silver 50mm x4 part type, aluminium. Perfect for grinding up those aromatic herbs.
This metal herb grinder lets you enjoy the details of every leaf and dot of pollen as the sharp diamond-shaped teeth grind up your bud. Made of tough, durable metal, this grinder conveniently comes apart into four pieces for easy cleaning. The pollen screen catches bits of plant material while allowing the savory dust to collect in the bottom piece, where it can be brushed away and reused. The grinder comes complete with a scraper so you can reach all the good stuff in the nooks and crannies for re-use.

Herb Grinder Silver 50mm x4 Part

Great For Grinding Spices, Herbs, Tobacco, etc.
(Approx) Diameter: 2.0″ Height: 1.75″
The threads are highly machined for better and smoother operation
Four filter design
Anodized for smooth finish
Razor sharp cutting blades
Stainless steel pollen screen
Comes with Pollen Scraper

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