Cheese Seeds or the Cheese strains are a well-known and popular cannabis variety among enthusiasts.
Known for its distinctive aroma and flavor reminiscent of aged cheese, it has gained a significant following in the cannabis community.
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Cannabis cheese strains have earned their special place in the world of cannabis enthusiasts due to their unique and captivating characteristics. These strains, known for their distinctive cheesy aroma and flavor, have become increasingly popular among cannabis users seeking something out of the ordinary.

Today, cannabis cheese strains continue to be cherished by connoisseurs and cannabis enthusiasts worldwide. The distinctive cheese aroma, often accompanied by earthy and skunky undertones, sets these strains apart from the rest. Beyond their aroma, cheese strains deliver a balanced and enjoyable high, providing relaxation and euphoria that appeals to a wide range of users. As the cannabis industry evolves, breeders have also developed various cheese hybrids, incorporating the beloved cheesy traits into new and exciting strains, ensuring that the legacy of cannabis cheese strains lives on for generations to come.

Aztech Genetics Cheese Seeds starts with our Aztech Cheese, that came from worked Exodus Cheese line selected for uniform, high yielding and heavy resin production. We have the monster yielding indica dominant Ashava Valley Cheese, crossing the Aztech Cheese with a carefully selected Afghani parent line of a Black Domina x Pure Afghani. Another new addition to our Cheese strains is UK Blues (aka Blue Cheese) by Lineage Genetics, which is an indica cross created by crossing a Blueberry male with an Original U.K. Cheese(a Skunk #1 phenotype) female.

Cannabis Cheese Seeds - The History

Let me take you back to the ’80s in the UK, where the legendary ‘Cheese’ strain has a captivating tale.

Picture this: a bunch of ravers and cannabis enthusiasts called The Exodus Collective stumbled upon something extraordinary. Growing some Skunk #1 seeds, they discovered an exceptional plant that set them apart from the rest.

These guys were living it up in a squatted Manor House just outside Luton, known as HAZ Manor. It wasn’t just a chill spot for growing loads of weed; it was also the heart of the free party scene and a hotbed for campaigning to legalize pot.

You know what’s even cooler? The Exodus Collective sound system, mounted on an ex-army Bedford truck, led the charge for legalizing cannabis, marching through the streets of Brixton to Brockwell Park in South London during the early noughties.

As word spread like wildfire within the cannabis community about this Exodus strain, it caught the attention of Milo, a talented grower and breeder from Birmingham.

And there you have it, the roots of the Cheese Strain, with The Exodus Collective at the heart of it all, spreading good vibes and that cheesy goodness throughout the UK.

So, if you ever find yourself at an Exodus Collective free party, you just might get a taste of the strain that started it all – Cheese!

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