Buy Cannabis Seeds from Aztech Genetics, we have Indica and Sativa dominant cannabis seeds that are suited to both indoor and outdoor growing environments.


Aztech Genetics Cannabis seeds label was established in 2017 and features a selection of both high yielding Auto flowering seeds and feminised seeds.

Featuring old school cannabis seed strains such as our Skunk Deluxe, Cheese, Ammi Haze, Aztech Jack and modern hybrids with high THC varieties such as White Sugar OG, Alice Nicole and Pacific Surfliner OG. All our seeds are 100% feminised meaning the seed will produce a female plant.

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At Aztech Genetics, we offer a diverse selection of top-quality, fully automatic auto flowering cannabis seeds

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Shop premium quality 100% feminised cannabis seeds, with over x40 different strains to pick from


Northern Legend Feminised Seeds Aztech Genetics

£9.60£29.99 *Inc VAT
White Widow Feminised Seeds Aztech Genetics

£9.60£29.99 *Inc VAT
SOLD Cheese Feminised Seeds

£9.60£29.99 *Inc VAT
Mellow AK Feminised Seeds Aztech Genetics

£9.60£29.99 *Inc VAT
Ammi Haze Feminised Seeds Aztech Genetics

£9.60£29.99 *Inc VAT
Skunk Deluxe Feminised Seeds

£9.60£29.99 *Inc VAT


Grand Larry Purps Feminised Seeds

£11.40£41.99 *Inc VAT
Gelato Auto Feminised Seeds

£11.40£41.99 *Inc VAT
Original Glue Feminised Seeds

£11.40£41.99 *Inc VAT
NEW Pink Berries Auto Seeds - Aztech Genetics

£11.40£41.99 *Inc VAT
NEW Apple Fritters Seeds - Aztech Genetics

£11.40£41.99 *Inc VAT


Zkittlez Auto - Lineage Genetics Seeds

£27.00£45.00 *Inc VAT
SOLD Wedding Cake Auto - Lineage Genetics Seeds

£27.00£45.00 *Inc VAT
SOLD Pineapple Cookies Auto - Lineage Genetics Seeds
SOLD Grapefruit Auto - Lineage Genetics Seeds

£23.99£35.99 *Inc VAT
Sweet Peach - Lineage Genetics Seeds

£23.99£35.99 *Inc VAT
Cookies and Cream - Lineage Genetics Seeds

£27.00£45.00 *Inc VAT
Candy Glue - Lineage Genetics Seeds

£27.00£45.00 *Inc VAT
Black Devils OG - Lineage Genetics Seeds

£23.99£35.99 *Inc VAT


Cannabis seeds are the foundation of every remarkable cannabis journey, here at Aztech Genetics offer two types seeds: feminised seeds and auto flowering seeds. Feminised seeds are carefully bred to eliminate male chromosomes, ensuring that each seed produces a female plant. This is advantageous for growers as female plants are the ones that produce the cannabis buds. With feminised seeds, cultivators can maximise their yield and streamline the growing process, eliminating the need to identify and remove male plants. 

Auto flowering seeds bring a fascinating element to the cannabis world. These seeds possess genetics that allow the plants to transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage automatically, without relying on a specific light cycle. This makes them a popular choice for both novice and experienced growers, as they provide a quicker and more straightforward cultivation experience. Aztech Genetics understands the appeal of autoflowering seeds and has curated a remarkable collection of these seeds, enabling growers to enjoy the convenience of auto flowering cannabis strains and achieve impressive results in a shorter time frame. 


What are cannabis seeds?

Cannabis seeds, also referred to as Marijuana seeds and weed seeds are the seeds produced from the cannabis plant. The choice of genetics available on the market is larger then ever and it’s in these seeds that these genetics are stored.


Seeds can be brown to grey in colouring and can also contain tiger stripe like markings and patterns on the seed case of some cannabis seeds.


Immature seeds tend to still be greener in colour and are often smaller and undeveloped.


At Aztech Genetics, you’ll find some highly selected genetics when it comes to seeds, we have something for everyone, from old school classics to modern hybrids, plus our Cali Special range and also seeds from Lineage genetics.

What are autoflowering marijuana seeds and why choose them?

Auto flowering seeds are now a very popular choice with customers of cannabis seeds. Unlike traditional photoperiod cannabis varieties, autoflower seeds will start to flower at a certain age without the need for a constant shortening in the daylight hours and increasing the hours of darkness which is common practice for photoperiod cannabis.


The autoflower trait originates from wild ruderalis cannabis from Russia and other parts of the world. The subspecies is thought to have escaped and spread in the wild from farmed hemp crops and as it adapted to the harsher environment developed the auto trait as a survival mechanism.


The benefits of this auto trait means growers can grow smaller compact plants that finish faster outdoors in areas with shorter summers. Indoors new growers seem to prefer them due to the fact they can be grown throughout on the same light cycle.


Over the last 10 years or so the yields and strength of autoflowering varieties has massively improved which has greayly helped them to gain further popularity

How Important is smell and terpene profile?

The genetics in every seed when grown will express smells and terpene profiles inherited from the parent plants. Grow techniques and environment will also factor how well the plants express these aromas.


Smells can range from sour and cheesy odours, sweet smelling citrus fruits to earthy and nutty flavours.


For stealth purposes sometimes low odour plants will be more suited to the grower although with  decent indoor extraction stronger smelling varieties shouldn’t be an issue.


At Aztech Genetics we have a wide range of varieties with a wide choice of different flavours and terpene profiles.

Quality supplier of Cannabis seeds in the UK

We also have are own successful Aztech Genetics Cannabis strains bring you a mix of old school classics and new modern hybrid strains. Plus not forgetting our recently extended Cali Special Range of Cannabis Seeds, bring you all the California strains to the UK.


We also now stock a range from Lineage Genetics seeds as well as our own AZtech Genetics label.


We stock feminised and autoflowering cannabis seeds, designed for everyone from the amateur to the professional collector. And guess what? Our low prices mean you get all this at incredible value, with discreet and secure shipping. Plus we offer free Cannabis Seeds with orders over £10.00.


Our seed stocks are here in the UK ready for fast UK despatch

What are feminised cannabis seeds and why choose them?

Feminised weed seeds or cannabis seeds have specific advantages and can be identified by:

  • Contain no male chromosomes
  • Plants will all flower and bud without risk of male pollen or seeds
  • Save time from dealing with males

Feminised cannabis seeds first appeared on the market in the 1990’s and have grown in popularity ever since. The success of this type of seed is due to the fact all the offspring will be female so there is no need to sex plants and remove any males.


This saves time and grow space and also makes things much easier for new growers.

What’s the difference between CBD and THC?

Cannabis plants are believed to contain around 100 different cannabinoids with CBD and THC being the most commonly heard of.


CBD is non psychoactive and is widely available in legal products sold in UK shops. Although CBD is available in private prescription medicines the products most CBD sold in UK shops can only be sold as a “novel food” which means it’s illegal to make any medical claims regarding these products.


CBD strains have been bred to contain higher percentages of CBD to THC ratios and the percentages of these ratios can also vary considerably between different CBD specific strains.


THC however is a psychoactive chemical and is responsible for the high that cannabis users, both medical and recreational seek.


Over the years selective breeding has pushed THC levels higher as the demand for stronger strains has increased. High THC strains are also popular with extract and concentrate makers.


THC is illegal here in the UK  although some hemp farmers are permitted to grow hemp with a THC content of less than 0.2%. Using this figure as a guide a wide variety of CBD products available in the UK also keep within this 0.2% ratio however the law is a bit of a grey area if that makes these products legal. CBD flowers for example that were once widely available have had shops raided and stock seized and destroyed as well as resulting in criminal prosecutions.

How can you choose your UK cannabis seeds?

We’ve made that easy. You can shop by type – feminised or autoflowering (or both) – or browse our Cali Special Range and Lineage Genetics Seeds.


These come in a range of pack sizes which are packed to make sure your seeds arrive in perfect condition.


Seeds can be stored in a dark and dry place or for long term storage we would recommend keeping them refrigerated.

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So, now you have some more information about the range of weed seeds available to you, the only thing left to do is order. Fortunately you are in the right place. We stock a huge selection of discount cannabis seeds and cheap weed seeds in our online seedbank and offer fast UK delivery on all of the orders that we ship. Browse our selection and place your order today.

Explore Aztech Genetics Cannabis Seeds

At Aztech Genetics, we pride ourselves on offering an incredible variety of cannabis seeds, catering to the unique tastes and preferences of every cultivator. With our vast selection, you’ll discover an exciting world of genetic diversity and endless cultivation possibilities.

Feminised Seeds: Experience the Power of Precision

Our collection of feminised cannabis seeds is meticulously bred to ensure a high percentage of female plants. With these seeds, you can eliminate the guesswork and focus on cultivating robust and resinous buds. Whether you’re looking for soothing Indicas, uplifting Sativas, or a well-balanced hybrid, our feminised seeds offer reliability and consistency, setting the stage for a successful harvest.

Autoflowering Seeds: Convenience Meets Quality

Time and space constraints are no longer obstacles with our auto flowering cannabis seeds. These remarkable seeds flower automatically, independent of light cycles, making them perfect for growers seeking a quick and hassle-free cultivation experience. Enjoy rapid harvests and compact plants without compromising on potency or flavor.

Experience the Difference with Aztech Genetics Cannabis Seeds

With our diverse range of feminised or auto flowering cannabis seeds, you’ll find the ideal genetic foundation for your next grow. Trust in our commitment to quality, value, and customer satisfaction as you embark on an unforgettable cannabis cultivation journey.

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