Farm to Vape thinners are imported directly from the USA.
Farm to Vape Thinner kits come in a variety of flavours and are designed to turn your herbal concentrate
like shatter, wax, live resin, rosin, distillate or CBD isolate into a stable vape oil. 
Available in Original unflavoured and in a variety of Naturally favoured thinners such as Tangerine , Mango and Pineapple.


Farm to Vape Thinner matches the molecular weight of THC and CBD, it contains no PG or VG therefore it will never separate. For legal use only.
At Aztech Smoke Shop we stock Farm to Vape thinner in complete kits, Smaller refill bottles and large bulk sized bottles too. Very quick and easy to use Farm to Vape

products are our number one selling vaping product.The viscosity of different concentrates can vary wildly depending on quality, and what your concentrate consists of, but a ratio somewhere between 66% and 75%
of yourmix should be Farm To Vape Thinner.  A good starting point would be to add 1 gram of concentrate in the bottle and then add 3 grams of Thinner. Too thick
and you will just clog up your vape and struggle to heat the thinned solution efficiently.

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