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Auto Flowering Seeds

  Auto Flowering Seeds have gained much more popularity in recent years now that the yields and thc content has greatly improved compared to the very first autoflowering cannabis strains that appeared on the market over a decade ago. 

Auto Flowering Seeds are firm favourite with new growers as the light setting can remain the same time cycle from start to finish with the more light received the better the yields. We would ideally recommend a light cycle of 20 hours light and 4 dark over a 24 hour period. Auto Flowering Seeds will flower under any light cycle though as the Auto Flowering genetics mean that flowering is triggered when the plant is of a certain maturity regardless of daylight hours.

Outdoors Autoflowers are also a popular choice due to the quicker finishing times and the fact flowering can be timed to coincide with the warmer longer days of summer. In colder temperature  areas this may be the only way to successfully harvest outdoor cannabis, or in warmer areas can mean multiple harvests are achievable in the same season in the same grow area through staggering plantings to coincide with the previous grows harvest.

All our seeds are 100% feminised meaning the seed will produce a female plant and are an increasingly popular choice with growers and seed collectors alike.

We also have Auto Flowering Seeds available in our Cali Special range such as Gelato Auto and Original Glue Auto.


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