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PE6 Mushroom Spores UK 10ml

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PE6 Mushroom Spores comes from workings of a Penis Envy and Texan Cubensis cross done by a guy known in the world of mycology as “Roger Rabbit” 

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PE6 mushroom spores originate from a cross of Penis Envy and Texan Cubensis by the mycologist known as Roger Rabbit.

The crossing of these two varieties was aided with the use of some Rattle snake venom that Roger just happened to have kicking around.

Roger then worked on this Texan/PEU cross further until reaching the stage PE6 which were accidently released by mistake from a personal collection and soon became a sought after variety.

In countries where legal to grow PE6 Mushroom Spores can show signs of their Penis Envy mutations but can also show the Texan genetics and look more like a regular standard cubensis type. PE6 stems are white and can vary considerably in thickness depending on the flush stage and also environmental conditions.

The stems and also the mycelium itself can bruise blue if pinched or disturbed, this is perfectly normal and a common trait with Psilocybin Cubensis mushroom types.

What’s included with the Spore Syringe

All Aztech Genetics Magic Mushroom Spore syringes are produced in the UK, in a sterile laboratory work area making sure spores arrive in optimum condition. Spore syringes are best stored refrigerated between 2C – 8C.

  • 10 ml syringe of PE6 Mushroom Spores
  • 1x  Alcohol sterile wipe
  • 1x Sterile 18g needle
  • FREE Cannabis Seeds

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10/10 👌🏻

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Quick reliable service

Ordered and item was delivered super fast and very well packaged.

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PE6 Spores UK 10ml

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Great team

Absolutely top notch fast delivery and awesome packaging

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Nice clean spores

Clean spores, well packaged and very quick delivery.

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