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We are often asked and occasionally have to remind customers what the current laws are regarding our magic mushroom spores and the legal purposes we can sell spores here in the UK.
Psilocybin mushroom spores are completely legal to sell and possess here in the UK. This is due to the fact the spores themselves do not contain any psilocybin and It is the compound psilocybin which is illegal. Making spores illegal would be very difficult anyway as policing the movement of microscopic spores would be a very challenging task.
It is a very similar legal situation with our cannabis seeds, the seeds do not contain any illegal THC and therefore they are just as legal to own as it would be to own some legal hemp seeds or hemp products.
Psilocybin is currently a Class A drug in the UK meaning it is completely illegal to make any attempt to cultivate any of the spores sold here on the website. Due to the strict laws (which we think are very outdated) we can only sell our spores for the purpose of inspecting the spore solution in the condition supplied under a microscope. an exciting and rapidly growing hobby currently here in the UK. Due to the fact both mycelium and mushrooms grown from the spores we sell will contain psilocybin any attempt to produce either is deemed as illegal Class A drug production.
With Class A drug production and possession carrying the strictest penalties of all, we  have to be very strict in what we can and can’t discuss with our spore customers. It’s honestly not something we like doing here and we really think our laws here need to be changed, however as a legal operating business we have to be very careful to only ever discuss legal microscopic studies of our spore products.
As much as we sympathise with our customers situations as soon as we are made clear the use or intended use of our spores is illegal, as a responsible business we have no choice but to refuse the sale and any future spore sales to this customer.  Often this causes the customer to become frustrated with us however we are simply following the laws and we alone do not have the powers to change them nor would we want to risk potentially losing the business should we be caught openly ignoring them.
We will never ask customers to provide evidence they are in possession of a microscope but we can’t under any circumstances continue a spore sale if the customer makes it obvious that legal use is not their intention.

Due to the strict laws (which we think are very outdated) we can only sell our spores for the purpose of inspecting the spore solution.

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If you look at the popular tv series Breaking Bad for example, if early on in the first few episodes Walter and Jesse had phoned up the hardware store they had purchased legal products from and made it clear they were producing Class A drugs the show probably wouldn’t have stretched to 5 seasons and would likely have ended quite abruptly. So we would  expect customers to use a little common sense when discussing use of our legal products for something which is still considered to be a serious offence.

Considering the fact Psilocybin is not currently recognised yet in the UK as officially being a medicine, if we were caught disregarding the law we could potentially face a large fine, loss of the business as well as a lengthy prison sentence. This really isn’t something anyone here would be willing to risk and it’s taken a lot of hard work to be able to legally operate within this industry.

While there are a very few countries and states where it may be legal or decriminalised to cultivate spores they are very few and it would be more cost effective and safer to purchase spores over there legally instead. As a result of this even if customers claim to be doing this we would still be unable to discuss cultivation of our spores unless the customer  took delivery of our spores in this country.

Before the drugs act in 2005 was introduced fresh magic mushrooms, live mycelium kits and liquid cultures were all perfectly legal.

Using Spores illegally in the UK

If a customer does tell us they are using spores illegally they need to understand that we have no idea who it is are are communicating with. We could very easily be talking to the Police, trading standards or a reporter and the media have on occasion ran stories making out UK spore sellers are ruining the country or something along those lines. The Daily Star even seem to think we give away a free alcohol sterilised wife when they mentioned us in a previous article in 2023.
We do understand that it can be confusing as the laws in the UK were not always as strict as they are now,  Before the drugs act in 2005 was introduced fresh magic mushrooms, live mycelium kits and liquid cultures were all perfectly legal and I’m old enough to remember buying fresh live mycelium kits similar to those still sold in the rest of Europe here on the UK high street.
Today, nearly 20 years later things are seem much stricter which seems very strange considering the many reports on the benefits of psilocybin for the natural treatment of a variety of mental health conditions general well being. At a time when we are seeing mental health rise and living costs surge the right for adults to access and grow natural mushrooms to use safely and responsibly seems like a better time then any.
If you like us do think the current laws are no longer suitable for purpose and you feel adults should have the right to cultivate then you can either write your MP
You could check out and support the work done by the guys over at PAR Global Psilocybin access rights
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