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Our Magic Mushroom Spore syringes contain Psilocybin magic mushroom spores suitable for microscopy purposes. We stock well known varieties such as Golden Teacher, B+ and Jedi Mind Fuck. Perfectly suited for microscopy purposes, preservation/collection of genetics and in countries where legal to grow.

Interest in psychedelics has been increasing massively  over the last few years.  More and more reports and studies are showing great promise seeing their use as a positive, natural treatment for mental health conditions.
Produced in the UK under lab conditions, these spore syringes contain 10 ml of mushroom spores suspended in water.

Supplied with a needle and alcohol cleaning wipe.
Keep an eye out for new additions to the current range as we plan to update the range over time.

It is currently illegal to grow out these spores in the UK and growing out these spores is not currently permitted. However these spores are legal to purchase for the purposes of microscopy studying. Please do not ask for any grow advice on these spores as we will not be able to assist you. We would politely suggest you spend some time on Youtube, Reddit or a well known mushroom forum and check there the laws in your area and how they effect you.

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