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Tasmanian Mushroom Spores UK 10ml

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Tasmanian Mushroom Spores are a variety of Psilocybe Cubensis that not surprisingly were first found on the island of Tasmania, located 240 kilometres to the south of the Australian mainland. The wild fruits were found growing on wild animal dung.

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In countries where legal to grow Tasmanian Mushroom Spores are fast growing producing small to medium sized fruits. Caps are a pale, light yellow colour just as the veils break.

Tasmanian fruits are also known to be very heavy spore producers with an abundance of dark purple spores. The stems are tall and slender and can bruise blue if pinched or disturbed, this is perfectly normal and a common trait with Psilocybin Cubensis mushroom types.

What’s included with the Spore Syringe

All Aztech Genetics Magic Mushroom Spore syringes are produced in the UK, in a sterile laboratory work area making sure spores arrive in optimum condition. Spore syringes are best stored refrigerated between 2C – 8C.

  • 10 ml syringe of Tasmanian Mushroom Spores
  • 1x  Alcohol sterile wipe
  • 1x Sterile 18g needle
  • FREE Cannabis Seeds

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