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Our Harvest festival variety is our top recommendation for an outdoor photoperiod strain suited to a more northern European climate. Although this strain performs well indoors too it’s her pedigree outdoor lineage that makes her our number one outdoor choice.

A well worked outdoor line over several generations, Harvest Festival’s outdoor qualities come from a carefully selected Outdoor Skunk mother crossed with an equally impressive old school dutch outdoor pedigree Amstel Gold male. By working the line over several generations out in the open air, selecting the highest yielding and most pest and mould resilient parents this incredibly tough outdoor variety has been created.


Ideal cannabis strain suited for the great outdoors.

harvest festival aztech genetics
harvest festival aztech genetics

Harvest Festival is a strong, vigorous growing plant that grows fast and bushy, she responds well to low stress training techniques such as topping and bending and will even do well in an outdoor scrog set up. Plants started early in the Spring can finish very large come harvest so some training or care in planting location should be considered if discretion is key. Even plants started in mid July from seed (to replace an earlier harvested outdoor auto crop) can still produce a nice return of quality bud.

Flowering typically starts around late August, early September and she is usually ready to harvest from mid to late October. Although she has very good resistance to bud rot outdoor plants should always be checked over regularly, especially in wet weather and in late flower. Outdoor open environments leave the plants exposed to other plant debris and insect waste which can be exactly what causes the initial start of the bud rot problem especially if cooler nights, morning mist or fog or excessive rain showers which are common in Northern Europe during early Autumn.

she gives a typically indica relaxing high

For Outdoor grown Cannabis, Harvest Festival actually has good bud appeal with the buds finishing up both dense and also covered in trichomes. Her smell isn’t too strong during flower but finished and cured buds do give off a Skunky, earthy and woody aroma with a touch of sweetness present too. Effect wise she gives a typically indica relaxing high more suited to chilling out and for evenings, a nice winter stash to have in the jars for the shorter days and longer nights.

Harvest festival also gets really good customer feedback outdoors for the making of oils, extracts and hash, with growing outdoors organically under natural sunlight being the most economical way to source your own she is a popular choice outdoors all round.



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