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Grand Larry Purps Auto Feminised Seeds


Grand Larry Purps Auto Feminised Seeds is an indica dominant USA variety that comes from the pairing of two California classics Larry OG and Grandaddy Purple.



An indica dominant USA variety that comes from pairing two California classics Larry OG and Grandaddy Purple with added Ruderalis autoflowering genetics. Most phenotypes display a deep purple hues from early flowering onwards making this a popular Cali seeds selection.

Grand Larry Purps Auto Feminised Seeds info

Sweet grape and berry in taste and smell along with stunning purple hues perfectly complimented with vibrant orange pistils make this a very  attractive variety.

Excellent bag appeal and colourful addition to any grow room too. Plants are mainly a very striking purple in flower although there is a green phenotype too.  Despite the green pheno’s lack of purpling she tends to produce more resin while still retaining the berry like aroma.

Grand Larry Purps Auto is a good yielding variety with some phenotypes producing dense, dark and purple buds.

Her sweet fruitiness and berry aroma make for some very tasty extracts and concentrates and her THC is typically around 23% and higher.

Grand Larry Purps Auto Feminised Seeds Grow Info

Our Aztech Genetics Grand Larry Purps Auto Feminised Seeds are easy to grow and is suited to both new and experienced growers alike.

Grand Larry Purps Auto Feminised Seeds is an Indica dominant variety that takes around 8-9 weeks flowering time and around 11-12 weeks from seed in ideal environments. Outdoors plants can take longer especially if given plenty of root space. Indoors or outdoors we’d recommend a pot size of at 25 litres minimum and would recommend breathable fabric pots available from most good grow shops.

Indoors most auto growers favour  a 20 hour light and 4 hour dark period although we also get good feedback from growers using longer and shorter light cycle periods too.

Outdoors in the Northern hemisphere plants are best started after the risks of frost has well passed and the longer daylight hours of summer are here.  The longer light hours and sun combo can really push the trichome production and make for some very nice outdoor, sun-grown concentrates and hash ( preferably organic )

For customers wanting more control over when the plant flowers indoors or in climates where the plants will be finished outdoors before the first autumn/winter frosts we also have a photoperiod version available here


At Aztech Smoke shop all orders come with FREE seeds included. All orders will receive 1 regular seed and orders over £10.00 will also include at least one free feminised seed too in a choice of either  autoflower or photoperiod. For details of our current free strains please check hereYou can also sign up to our monthly email too to keep up to date with new product and strain information.

All our seeds are stored in fridges and come securely  packed to maintain optimum freshness enabling customers to buy cannabis seeds from us with confidence.

Our Feminised seeds give growers peace of mind as they have a 99.9% chance of producing all female plants which are more favourable to growers looking to produce seedless buds.


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