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Feminised Seeds

  are sensitive to changes in daylight hours in order to trigger flowering. Outdoors, cannabis plants would naturally veg and bulk out during the warmer days of Spring and Summer when the daylight hours are plentiful. As autumn approaches the plants sense the daylight hours beginning to get shorter and this triggers the plants to flower and reproduce in order to complete the plants cycle before the cold winter temps kill the plant off.    

Indoors photoperiod plants can be kept in the vegetative stage indefinitely by keeping the plants on a light cycle that replicates the longer days of summer, usually 18 hours light and 6 hours dark over a 24 hour period. Keeping plants this way enables mother plants to be able to be kept for cloning purposes and also allows plants to be trained and left to get to big before the flowering is desired. When the plants are required to flower the light cycle is simply changed to 12 hours light and 12 hours dark over a 24 hour period.

All our seeds are 100% feminised meaning the seed will produce a female plant and are an increasingly popular choice with growers and seed collectors alike.


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