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Gigantuan FAST Feminised Seeds


Gigantuan Fast is a fast photoperiod version of our biggest yielding strain and is created by crossing Gigantuan photoperiod with our Skunk Deluxe auto.

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Our Gigantuan Fast feminised seeds is a fast feminised photoperiod version of our biggest yielding cannabis strain and is created by crossing Gigantuan photoperiod with our Skunk Deluxe Auto. This pairing results in our Gigantuan Fast, a photoperiod strain with recessive auto flowering genes enabling a faster finishing time then the regular feminised version.


Gigantuan Fast feminised seeds make an excellent outdoor choice, her recessive auto genetics mean she’ll not only trigger flower slightly earlier in the season, she’ll also finish in a quicker time then her sister standard Gigantuan feminised photoperiod version. For outdoor growers this means chopping a week earlier which in areas with particularly wet or colder autumns can increase the chances of a stress free harvest.

Very frosty buds which smell sweet with hashy tones too towards the end or flowering. Her THC percentage is over 22%. and delivers a powerful stoned effect. Good filtration is advised late in flower to combat her strong odours which can be present around this time.

For customers in even cooler climates outdoor we also have Gigantuan in an Auto Flowering version and also in a regular Feminised version.


At Aztech Smoke shop all orders come with FREE Cannabis seeds included. All orders will receive 1 regular seed and orders over £10.00 will also include at least one free feminised seed too in a choice of either auto flowering seeds or feminised photoperiod seeds. For details of our current free strains please check hereYou can also sign up to our monthly email too to keep up to date with new product and strain information.

All our seeds are stored in fridges and come securely  packed to maintain optimum freshness enabling customers to buy cannabis seeds from us with confidence.

Our Feminised cannabis seeds give growers peace of mind as they have a 99.9% chance of producing all female plants which are more favourable to growers looking to produce seedless buds.


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