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Original Glue Feminised Seeds


Original Glue aka Gorilla Glue #4 is a high THC variety and much sought after Cali strain. A popular choice with concentrate and extract makers too, due to the high 24% THC plus levels she is acclaimed for.




Aka Gorilla Glue is a high THC variety cannabis strain and much sought after feminised Cali seeds line.

Original Glue Feminised Seeds info

Sticky resinous buds that glue up the scissor blades on trimming day. A popular choice with Concentrate and extract makers too due to the high 25% THC plus levels she is acclaimed for.

Our Original Glue Feminised seeds come from the favourite Gorilla Glue #4 line, descending from a 3 way cross of  Sour Dubb, Chem’s Sister and Choc Diesel.

Original Glue is an Indica dominant variety that takes around 8-9 weeks flowering time. Strong plants with resin caked buds are easily achieved even from new growers. Growing wise she behaves more like an Indica however her Sativa genetics are noticed in the effects with an uplifting and enjoyable high.

Original Glue Feminised Seeds Grow Info

If allowed plenty of root space and veg time plants can get large and this should be considered if space is limited. Original Glue responds well to topping and  lST ( low stress training) methods including scrog and mainlining techniques.

Original Glue performs very well in indoor setups but is also suited to outdoor growing finishing mid to late October in the Northern Hemisphere. For an earlier outdoor harvest we would recommend our Original Glue Auto instead available here

Original Glue Facts

In 2017 Ohio based glue company Gorilla Glue Co successfully reached a settlement with GG strains over the Gorilla Glue trademark name and agreed to change the name. Since then the strain which was previously called Gorilla Glue is now referred to as Original Glue, GG4 or names that won’t get the sellers into a sticky situation with the Adhesive company.


At Aztech Smoke shop all orders come with FREE Cannabis seeds included. All orders will receive 1 regular seed and orders over £10.00 will also include at least one free feminised seed too in a choice of either auto flowering seeds or feminised photoperiod seeds. For details of our current free strains please check hereYou can also sign up to our monthly email too to keep up to date with new product and strain information.

All our seeds are stored in fridges and come securely  packed to maintain optimum freshness enabling customers to buy cannabis seeds from us with confidence.

Our Feminised cannabis seeds give growers peace of mind as they have a 99.9% chance of producing all female plants which are more favourable to growers looking to produce seedless buds.


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