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Skunk Deluxe Feminised Seeds


Skunk Deluxe

  • Sativa / Indica Hybrid
  • Skunk #1 x Afghani
  • 8-9 Weeks
  • Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
  • 22% +
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Skunk Deluxe is our version of the ultimate classic strain Super Skunk.  Working with  a premium highly sought Skunk parent line and breeding in just a touch of Afghan genetics to increase yield and trichome production.  The Hybrid  hangs on strongly though to her  original Skunk heritage and produces huge frosty skunky colas.

Long before Cheese hit the UK ( which actually comes from pure skunk lines) Skunk was king and dominated the early UK home growing scene. Incredibly easy to grow and perfect for beginners, Skunk Deluxe has THC levels well above 22%

Skunk Deluxe

This plant does well both indoors and outside. Outside during the warmer growing season outdoor plants can get very large and produce very impressive yields. Indoor yields are are just as impressive with big fat colas dripping with resin. She’s got strong Skunk roots so it goes without saying that things can get a little stinky towards the end of flower. Classic skunk flavours, sweet and pungent, with subtle  musky, hashy undertones from her slight Afghani influences.

This photo period strain once induced into the flowering stage takes around 8 weeks until harvest. If plants are given a long veg period they can become quite tall and some low stress training may be required and she’s very happy trained in a scrog. Outdoors if plants are started early in the season they can get impressively tall during flower so caution is advised if stealth is key.

All our seed packs contain premium quality feminised seeds.


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All our seeds are stored in fridges and come securely  packed to maintain optimum freshness enabling customers to buy cannabis seeds from us with confidence.

Our Feminised seeds give growers peace of mind as they have a 99.9% chance of producing all female plants which are more favourable to growers looking to produce seedless buds.